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Can I Change Marijuana Doctors?

Just like any other medical professional, you should have trust and feel comfortable with the doctor. And since insurance companies do not cover cannabis medicine, you can choose whichever practice you like best, whether it’s due to location, cost or the atmosphere.


When to Change Marijuana Doctors

Is your doctor treating you like a number or a patient?  Can you reach your doctor on the phone?  Do you agree on the treatment plan?  Establishing a relationship with your new cannabis doctor may seem like a lot of work, but it’s not worth seeing a physician you don’t agree or get along with.


Look out for these signs:

• Your doctor isn’t listening to you.
• You dread going to see your doctor they are not friendly.
• You’re seeing minimal results.
• They are difficult to reach on the phone.
• When you visit them they are quick to rush you out of their office to move on to the next patient.


We Can Help! How to Change Marijuana Doctors

Once you’ve decided it’s time to give it a go with a different cannabis physician, we want to share with you our doctors work together to support patients. We never forget the humanity of our patients and want to hear what your concerns are so we can make the appropriate recommendations.  The transfer fee is only $100 and to get started simply complete the below forms. Your first consultation is always free to get to know us and our doctors!

Please complete the following four documents to bring with you on your first visit:

  1. New Patient Intake Form
  2. DOH Consent
  3. Medical Records Release Form
  4. MMUR Info Sheet