The AnnexPatient Process

Patient Process

Patient Process


The Annex Healthcare assists our patients throughout the ENTIRE medical marijuana recommendation process AND will directly assist you with submission of your licensing documents to the Florida Marijuana Medical Use Registry (MMUR). We streamline the process of applying for your Florida by Marijuana License including the required forms.  Your application will be FULLY COMPLETED when you leave our offices.



Our staff will assist you with ALL of the required forms, paperwork, photograph that need to be submitted to complete your application. All you need to bring with you to your appointment is your current ID and a list of your medications (if any) and pre-documents forms:

 New Patient Intake Form
DOH Consent
Medical Records Release Form 
MMUR Info Sheet



You will meet one-on-one with our board-licensed physician to discuss your medical history.

Application Follow-up


We directly assist you with submission of all the required documents and follow-up.