The AnnexTypes of Medical Cannabis

Types of Medical Cannabis

Types of Medical Cannabis

About Hemp

Hemp is where most of the cannabis oil used medicinally comes from. Although hemp and marijuana come from the same plant (Cannabis sativa), they are not the same.

While marijuana growers have bred their plants to contain high levels of THC (the substance that gets you “high”), hemp farmers have rarely modified their plants.  So cannabis oil won’t change your mental state, but using it can have other beneficial effects.

Types of Medical Cannabis


• More THC and less CBD (Cannabidiol)
• More Psychoactive effects, more stimulation to the brain
• Works for relieving depression, migraine, headaches and encourages activity
• Day Time Medication


• Cross between Indica and Sativa
• Can have varrying effects


• More CBD (Cannabidiol) and less THC
• More body effects and more relaxing to the brain
• Works well for relieving anxiety, encourages sleep and relieves muscle spasm
• Night Time Medication

Types of Methods for Using Medical Cannabis

INHILATION: Onset 1-2 minutes; Last 3-4 hours

• Smoking - Under Revision
• Vaporizer - Smokeless; healthier for your lungs

INGESTION: Onset 1-2 hours; Last 6-8 hours

• Cookies, brownies, candy tea and variety of other ingestible are available
• More difficult to dose so begin with SMALL amount
• Thought to be more potent and to be a stronger sedative

SUBLINGUAL: Onset 5-15minutes; Last 3-4 hours

• Med strips or Liquid Extract in alcohol, oil or glycerin
• Used under the tounge: Start with few drops or small piece until dosage is know

TOPICAL: Onset Varies
• For external use on skin; For arthritis or rashes
• Forms: Balms, lotions, salves, rubbing alcohol