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Recreational Use of Marijuana in Florida

It seems like we’re just now learning and understanding the logistics and laws behind the medical use of marijuana in Florida, but its recreational use could very well be on the ballot in the 2018 elections.

The Florida Recreational Marijuana Amendment would function similar to the sales of alcohol—people 21 years or older with a valid ID could buy and use marijuana, and it would be regulated by the state. But in order to get onto the ballot, it still needs to gather a couple hundred thousand more signatures by February 2018.

If you’ve been considering getting a medical marijuana card in Florida, you’ve probably been wondering the difference between marijuana’s medicinal use versus its recreational use. With the laws quickly changing, now’s a better time than ever to dive into it and learn about what cannabis can do for you.

Recreational vs. Medical Use of Marijuana

Just like the name says, recreational marijuana can be used without any medical justification. It typically contains a higher concentration of THC, one of the main cannabinoids from the marijuana plant. THC gives users the “high” feeling because recreational marijuana is more so used for the pleasure of its effects.

On the other hand, medical marijuana, is used for the need of its effects. Patients use it to alleviate the pain from diseases and conditions like cancer, HIV/AIDS or Parkinson’s disease. Unlike recreational marijuana, it normally contains a higher concentration of the non-psychoactive chemical CBD, which doesn’t give users the euphoric effects like THC.

But there’s a bigger difference between the two different forms other than THC versus CBD. Medical marijuana users need a prescription or what is also known as a recommendation, and recreational users don’t need one. So, if you want to use marijuana for medicinal purposes, it’s important to visit a cannabis physician to see which recommendation is best fit for your needs.

Is THC or CBD Right for Me?

Even though medical marijuana sometimes contains more CBD, THC has a variety of benefits that can help patients with different diseases and conditions. For example, it can help cancer patients increase appetite and reduce nausea after chemotherapy. It can also decrease pain, inflammation and muscle control problems.

At the same time, CBD can help reduce pain and inflammation but also control epileptic seizures and possibly even treat mental illness and addictions. Before you make any decisions on your own, it’s best to see a certified marijuana physician who can guide you along the way.

If you’re ready to take the first step toward a more natural, holistic medication method, call The Annex Healthcare today to schedule an appointment with a marijuana physician. Our clinic is dedicated to providing medical cannabis education and recommendations. We’re a group of caring physicians with a compassion to help others improve their quality of life. Compassion with passion is what we believe.