John Morgan: This aggression will not stand.

Over the line!

That’s how I feel about the No on 2’s latest lies. First, they come after me personally in direct mail (as if I’m what this Amendment’s about)—and then they have the gall to say marijuana isn’t medicine.Well, that’s just like, your opinion, man.

It certainly isn’t the opinion of doctors (like Sanjay Gupta), nurses, patients who have actually tried it, or even the state legislature and Governor, which passed and signed a limited, fatally-flawed version of a medical marijuana law in this very state.

This isn’t ‘Nam. There are rules. And one rule is that you don’t mess with patients. And frankly, their nihilism is both exhausting and not scientific.

This aggression will not stand.  So here is what we’re going to do:

…We’re going to come together.
We’re going to raise a crap-ton of money right here.
…We’re going to win and make sure patients like my brother get the access they need.Do not mark it zero:

Please donate here today. It’s matched 1-to-1.


– John

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