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Herald recommends yes vote on Amendment 2 for medical marijuana

Vague language and other flaws doomed the medical marijuana amendment put before voters in 2014, though that proposal only lost by a slim margin, garnering 58 percent of the ballots. Amendment 2 returns on the November ballot much improved. United We Care, the grassroots organization behind the amendment, rewrote the proposal to address the loopholes…


America’s Cannabis Industry Will Likely Be Worth $50 Billion In Ten Years

The passage of major legalization measures will see the nation’s legal marijuana industry to grow eight-fold over the next ten years. Five states will vote on recreational legalization this November, including Arizona, Massachusetts, and most importantly, California. According to Bloomberg, a new report from ten financial analysts at Cowen & Co. states that if the…


Feds can’t prosecute medical marijuana users who follow state law, court rules

Though medical marijuana is now legal in 25 states and Washington, DC, the drug still remains strictly banned under federal law, a contradiction that has long made even the most compliant patients, growers, and dispensary owners nervous about getting busted by the feds. But at least some of them can relax — for now. That’s…